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Kogen Scientific Inc. is a high-tech enterprise biotechnology company founded in 2019. 

The company aims to develop new technology which adapted to biotech industry in food safety, clinical diagnosis, public safety, biosafety and other fields. Experts from molecular biology, biotechnology and engineers are dedicated to develop new products that pave the way for a better world. We applied our knowledge to develop rapid test kits with different technologies in addition to offer R&D service for our customers and provide technical support to tackle current or emerging safety and environmental problems. Multidisciplinary team of Kogen Scientific provides technical support especially in developing new assay system, sample handling devices or reader systems.

R & D

We have facilities covering total area of 300 ㎡. 120 ㎡ is used for R & D and manufacturing purposes, including Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 cleanrooms. Complete platforms have been established for immunology, molecular biology, chemical synthesis, molecular construction and testing equipment development. We gathered a large number of industry-leading biology, chemistry, automation and information technology experts. Our technical strength makes us flexible and capable of individual customization to meet tailored requirement of our valued customers.

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Onur Taflan

R&D Director

Kağan Etka Yörük

General Manager - CEO

Hasim Keski

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